Outgoing calls
are cheaper
Multichannel communication.
No missed calls.
Calls anywhere in the world.
Voice information 24/7
Recording conversations
Integration with
CRM systems
to work remotely.
A convenient system
for obtaining reporting
and statistics.
For processing calls
you can create different scenarios.
Restriction on access rights
to city, long-distance and
international calls.
The system of making
calls Safe and reliable
Satisfied customers

Customers will always be able to reach you. No missed calls.

Based on one phone number, employees can make and receive calls.

Your employees quickly transfer a call to any person or department, they can easily transfer a tube to a colleague from another branch or city. Employees of the company in different offices or cities talk to each other for free. You see the productivity of specific employees.

You will not have missed calls. If all lines are busy, the call will be forwarded to the spare city or mobile phones of the responsible employees.

If the customer called you during off-hours or on a day off, he will hear a voice message. For example: “You called outside office hours! Your call is very important to us. Leave a message after the beep!”

A voice message can be any you want.

Automatically fix all the phone conversations of your employees with customers. You can always find and listen to the necessary conversation. If necessary, you can adjust the conversation of the employee with the client.


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